Monday, March 29, 2010

BSDP Job Task Analysis Survey Results

Development of the BSD Professional Certification Exam is officially underway. A Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey for the exam was held in October and November of 2009. The results have been collated and the report titled "BSD Professional Certification Job Task Analysis Survey Results" is now available at

The 93 page report details how the BSD community evaluated the exam knowledge domains and specific items in each domain. Each item was rated for its "Importance" and "Frequency" for a typical senior level BSD system administrator. The results will help determine the items that will be a part of the BSDP exam.

As with the previous JTA for the BSDA exam, the comments make a very interesting part of the survey report. Some were very vocal about specific topics such as installation and security. It was actually refreshing to see how much interest there is in the BSD Professional exam. Check it out for yourself!

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