Monday, November 21, 2005

Tracking Donations

The BSD Certification Group Donations Button is now officially open for business! Please join us in supporting BSD Certification. We're hard at work on the certification standard and we need your help to continue making it possible. If you would like to be listed on the donations page, let us know. Or if you would prefer to remain anonymous, we can do that too. Contact for more details.

BTW- we're thinking of adopting a donations thermometer to track our progress and give visibility to the generosity of all our sponsors and contributors. Here's a sample (not the real one yet) of what it looks like. The script is written in perl and uses GD::Simple for the graphics stuff. It was fun to write. Let us know at if you think it's a good idea, or would like a copy of the script.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Donations, Sponsors and Plans- Oh My!

The BSD Certification Group website will be modified in the coming days to add a donations button through PayPal. We're in the final stages of testing with four major credit cards as well as other PayPal accounts. Hopefully, this will enable everyone to donate to our project. And right now, donations are sorely needed! We're trying to engage a company for psychometric analysis for our exams, and the projected cost is over $30,000. So, when the donation button is ready- please be generous.

We are also continuing to look for sponsors. If you would like to help sponsor this effort, or know someone who might be interested in being a sponsor, please send an email to

In other news, I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep the project plan updated recently. My DSL went out at about the same time my wireless card broke. As a result, I'm without Internet on my BSD box that has the plan. As soon as this is fixed, I'll update the plan.

Speaking of plans, the business plan is ready. If you would like a copy of the plan, please drop a note to We're going to send it out and follow up with those who request it.

BTW- there have been several interesting articles about BSD systems in the news lately. Good all around.