Saturday, January 26, 2008

BSDA Certification Moves Forward

Last weekend, members of the BSD Certification Group met in New York to finalize some standards for the BSD Associate exam. The exam is now in its final form- all that is needed is to select the actual 100 questions to be used in the first version. Our psychometrician, Dr. Sandra Dolan, is pleased with the progress so far. We will have a psychometricaly sound exam, that will provide a solid basis for determining the skill level of all candidates.

And the latest news: we now have two slots for the exam at SCALE- the Southern California Linux Expo. A big "Thank You!" to the folks at SCALE for allowing us to hold the exam during their conference. This is our inaugural exam, and we are looking forward to it!

Several other conferences have generously allowed us to hold exams. See the list, and register for an exam at

Thanks to all our supporters and friends for getting us to this point!

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